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The BinoX 4T is an ATN product series fielding thermal binoculars with camera. These modern hunting binoculars come with a highly potent laser rangefinder that’s effective for up to 1,000 meters. The infrared binoculars are also fitted with an in-built IR illuminator as well as the latest thermal sensor operating at 60Hz. That makes the BinoX 4T the best rangefinder binoculars you can get. Besides utilizing ATN’s BIX technology, these thermal binoculars allow you to record, stream, and share videos with family and friends. Also, their superior power management system ensures a low consumption to give you over 16 hours of activity. They also avail a variety of color modes as well as a Smooth Zoom feature. Indeed, the BinoX 4T thermal binoculars provides a full-spectrum functionality in the field, something much-needed by every lover of outdoor activity


SKU: BX 640 2-25
$7,290.00 Regular Price
$6,561.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Record Video

    Laser Rangefinder

    Color Modes 

    WiFi Dual Streaming

    Smooth Zoom


    Ultra Low Power Consumption

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