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The MARS 4 is a modern 30mm tube thermal imaging scope from ATN designed for hunting. It’s a thermal rifle scope that comes with a Smart Range Finder and fitted with WiFi and Bluetooth to facilitate live video recording and streaming. The MARS 4 is an upgraded version of the Mars-HD thermal scopes. With this advanced thermal scope, you can automatically share your live action video on social media, and the highly efficient Dual Core Processor is designed for that. The recording is recoil-activated, making it fully automated to ensure you capture the best moments in action. Besides having a power system with low consumption and capable of providing more than 16 hours of constant use, the MARS 4 infrared scope also boasts One Shot Zero functionality, along with Smooth Zoom and Electronic Compass. The Ballistic Calculator helps you optimize your targeting skills 

ATN MARS 4 4-40x 640x480

SKU: M4 640 4-40
$5,990.00 Regular Price
$5,690.50Sale Price
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  • Record Video

    WiFi Dual Stream Video

    Ballistic Calculator

    Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

    One Shot Zero

    Profile Manager

    Smart Range Finder

    Dual Core Processor

    Share on Social Media


    Ultra Low Power Consumption (16+hrs Use)

    Smooth Zoom

    Electronic Compass

    30mm Tube <a href="" target="_blank" >Thermal Rifle Scope Mars</a>

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